Who are WE?

What is the NO about?

WE see the suffering and injustices in our country.

WE no longer can ignore this.

WE no longer can remain silent.

WE unite.

WE act for our common future.

WE started the NO-movement in Germany and want to spread it all over the world.

Each of you is invited to join us..

Everything WE do, WE do from the heart and with full conviction. WE contribute ourselves and our skills – of course free of charge!

What is behind the NO?

Our goal is the sovereignty of each individual, as well as the collective sovereignty as a nation.


Get out of the external determination
Into self-determination and personal responsibility

We – as a nation – have increasingly relinquished responsibility for our lives – partly voluntarily out of convenience, partly as a result of perfidious, subtle programming that has been imposed on us for generations.

We are systematically distracted with all kinds of things, so that we (can/must) not deal with the essential topics.
Our so-called „experts“ are already taking care of this… and are issuing further „laws and regulations“, among other things.
Are these really in our interest?
Do these really serve a better living together in the society?
Is the current policy really in the sense of the people?
Or does it only create more division, more control, more restrictions…?

Do you feel free?
Can you really live and work as you would like to?
Or do you also regularly encounter new obstacles and are rather busy to „somehow get by“ – to „survive“ instead of living?

Enough - WE say NO !

NO to the foreign determination and therefore YES to ourselves.

Every NO is a protection for our soul.
How often do you do things that you basically don’t want to do?
How does that feel?
What does your gut feeling say?
Do you often decide against this gut feeling – your intuition / your soul?
Do you think that all this is „expected“ of you?

If you know the feeling just described, we invite you to try out NO in everyday life.
It is not about refusing everything, but about your conscious decision to do something or not to do something.
You always have the choice!

The NO as a way out of external determination is a process. Every NO counts, no matter how small it seems to you at the moment.
We would like to encourage you to try it out.
Feel inside yourself and see what it does to you.
Do you stand by your feelings, your values, your soul?

As soon as you stand by yourself, you should also grant it to others who stand up for themselves and their values.
The result is thus the acceptance of free will and the acceptance of other opinions.
Thereby we create the basis for a togetherness, in which we ALL meet each other on eye level and ALL can exchange constructively.
It starts with each individual. We can set an example and thereby encourage other people to also say their individual NO.
The NO leads us into individual sovereignty and thus also into sovereignty as a nation.

Everyone who already feels the NO, may speak it NOW – from the heart and not from the mind.
This is how we end the current information war and meet again as what we are – HUMANS.

WE want a living together in which we support each other, in which everyone can develop themselves, in which we protect each other and in which each of us takes responsibility for ourselves and our lives.
This also includes taking the consequences for one’s own decisions and actions.

Of course, this cannot happen overnight, but every change begins with the first step.

It is not about the ego of each individual, but about all of us – about us PEOPLE in the community.

Become active! Say NO!
Be part of it! Say NO!
Use your knowledge and finally start!

It only works together – for our ancestors, for our children and for ourselves!

It is NOW time to say NO!

We are the ones we have been waiting for!