say NO !

NO – the most powerful word of the world

Every NO you speak out is a YES to yourself

Why the word NO?

with a NO we will end the division because everyone has a NO

NO is protection for our soul

with a NO we can defeat our fear

NO is our way out of the external determination
We realize that we have the power

NO protects us against crossing our line by others

NO gives us composure

NO promotes confidence in ourselves

NO helps us to recognize who we are

every single NO is a seed that grows

NO is our way to sovereignty

It’s time to say NO!

Help to spread the NO in the world!

Encourage other people to say their individual NO!

Now it’s up to you – get active!

You can create memes and share them.

You can print and distribute our leaflet or share it digitally.
You find the leaflet and our logo here.

You can create your own project (video, music, protests etc).

If you want to show your NO to the world, you can create your own NO-shirt etc.

You can spread the NO in the comments section of the media #sayNO

Be part of the NO-movement!

You have questions, suggestions or own projects you would like to present?

Feel free to contact us by email: