Be part of the NO-movement and help to spread the NO!

Everyone can join in and get involved.

Some examples, what you can do:

Print and distribute our leaflet or share it digitally.
You can find it here.

Talk to people, explain them the power of the NO and encourage them to say their individual NO!

Show your NO by creating clothes, sticker, banner etc. You find the logo and some other templates here.

Create your own project around the NO.
Write a text, write a song, make a video etc. and share it with the world.

Call the attention to the NO-movement by spreading it digitally. Share the homepage-link in social media, the comments section of the mainstream media etc.

You want to support the NO-movement but don’t know how?
You could ask yourself the following questions:
What am I particularly good at?
What gives me pleasure?
How can I contribute my skills and my passion?

Maybe you will find like-minded people and together you will think about what you can contribute. It’s much more fun in a team anyway.